What is Letterpress?

Letterpress is an artform. It is form of relief printing where the text and image are mirrored, then raised on a plate or metal type, inked and then pressed into a sheet of paper. This process is done completely by hand from the mixing of the inks to the hand-feeding of each sheet into the press. The result is an unique, one of a kind piece with a crisp impression that is irresistible to the touch that can’t be achieved with an offset or laser printer.

At Robynn Press, we hand-craft all types of pieces—be it wedding or party invitations, marriage or baby announcements, greeting cards, personal stationery and business cards. We can take your project from just an idea, create a unique design, and custom print your project on whatever paper, and in whatever color you choose. We skillfully work our 1923 Chandler & Price press to produce your project with care.

A long time coming

In 2002 at the University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point, Michael and Heidi met as classmates in the Art & Design program. As time went on, a conversation about a joint venture happened over and over again—often ending with a “someday”.

Robynn Press is that someday venture. And despite now living in different states, we collaborate on a daily basis.

Let us help you create your project! Contact Michael or Heidi today!